DSU to offer new degree in Artificial Intelligence for Organizations

Dakota State University in Madison will offer a new degree for artificial intelligence as it applies to organizations starting this fall. 

The state Board of Regents approved the new AI in Organizations bachelor’s degree at their quarterly meeting in Madison on Wednesday.

The College of Business and Information Systems program is distinctive from AI programs offered by the computing and engineering schools.

Businesses and organizations which face AI transformation will deal with real-world problems such as implementing personalized recommendation systems, automating data collection workflows, and optimizing supply chain management processes. Graduates of this program will have a foundational understanding of AI and how it can be positioned to improve efficiency and effectiveness across industries and business functions.

Students will learn to understand what artificial intelligence is, what AI means for business and organizations, and develop skills for applying artificial intelligence tools and methods in a variety of industries. With these skills, they will be prepared to help make data-driven decisions in their companies, optimize business processes and workflows, minimize costs, and maximize revenues by utilizing AI tools and applications. They will also be able to successfully navigate AI-related issues, challenges, and ethics in workplaces and to be AI-aware in society.

  The AIO degree, aimed primarily at non-computer science students, will be offered both on campus and through online delivery.  DSU anticipates enrolling fifteen students in the first year of the program, with 10-to-15 new students enrolling in the program each year as it continues.