DSU student researcher to present at state capitol

A Dakota State University student will take part in the Legislative Research Day Student Poster Session next week in Pierre.  Ben Bowman received a Student Mentored Research Initiative Program grant to research bypassing rolling code encryption.  His project focused on car security with fobs.  While the wireless setup is convenient, it makes it possible for someone to clone the code, get into the vehicle and steal items, or the car itself.

His completed research showed that “if people want to keep items safe in their cars, they should use a physical key”.

The annual Legislative Research Day Student Poster Session is Tuesday, February 7th.  It allows policymakers and other capitol visitors to speak with students and faculty engaged in research activities on the public university campuses. 

Bowman and the other students will be in the Capitol Rotunda from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m on Tuesday.; they will also be introduced to the legislature during the afternoon sessions.


February 3, 2023