Dakota State University in Madison has been awarded a just more than three-and-a-half million dollar grant for cybersecurity faculty development.  

Dr. Wayne Pauli, professor of Information Systems and Coordinator for the Ph.D. program in Cyber Operations at DSU,  said that there are constant openings for cybersecurity faculty around the country, and DSU is uniquely poised to address the shortage.  Pauli and two other DSU faculty recently applied for and were awarded the National Security Agency grant for faculty development. 

Pauli said there are four main areas or targets with the grant, some of which include expanding existing faculty, recruiting graduate students, and transitioning military and government personnel.

Projects are currently being developed that will focus on how to develop more properly-trained faculty to teach in the cybersecurity area.  These will be offered onsite and in-person, and vary in length from one day to a full semester.