Dr. Pam Rowland with DSU’s CybHER program, MCSEF Executive Director Renae Prostrollo, Lindsey Dietterle, Kristin Morse, Katie Abraham, Joanne Kallhoff, and Dr. Ashley Podhradsky with DSU’s CybHER program

A new grant program has been developed between CybHER at Dakota State University and the Madison Central School Educational Foundation, with support from SBS Cybersecurity. The CybHER grant is a competitive mini-grant program that supports educators in the Madison Elementary and Middle Schools.  This year, four grants were awarded to purchase technology, software or equipment for teachers’ classrooms.

One of the grant recipients is Madison 3rd grade teacher Lindsey Dietterle, who has been awarded a twelve-month subscription to online animated educational websites.  

Another recipient of a CybHER grant is Madison Elementary 1st grade teacher Katie Abraham, who used the grant money to help purchase Osmos games.  Osmo games are computer games that allow a fun way for students to independently practice problem solving, counting, adding, subtracting, using spatial thinking, forming words, and rhyming.  

Kristin Morse, Madison 2nd grade elementary teacher, purchased a variety of beginner robots with the grant money that she has been awarded.  Morse says robotics provide hands-on opportunities to solve problems and challenges effectively and creatively, and can be used across the curriculum.  

The fourth CybHER grant recipient is Joanne Kallhoff, Madison Middle School librarian.  Kallhoff purchased a Sphero Bolt and Wonder Workshop Cue, which will help improve students’ knowledge of coding and creativity and innovation skills while solving challenges.

Dr. Pam Rowland, DSU Assistant Professor in Cybersecurity, said that CybHER’s mission is to empower, motivate, and educate, and that they are glad to assist Madison teachers in this shared goal.