DSU and City of Madison Enter New Usage Agreement for Flynn and Thue Field

The Madison City Commission earlier this week approved a new annual usage agreement with Dakota State University for Flynn and Thue Field.

DSU has been using the complexes at Flynn and Thue Field for quite some time for both baseball and softball without a usage fee, which City Administrator Jameson Berreth says is the biggest change in this year’s agreement.

The usage fee of $7500 a year for DSU will go towards helping with usage wear and tear during the Spring and Fall seasons. Payments will be made in two installments of $3750, with one installment having already been paid on March 30th and the next to be paid on September 30th, 2023. 

Any other additional maintenance that is mutually agreed upon, including but not limited to overseeding, will be split equally between DSU and the City of Madison.

DSU will be responsible for the removal of snow on Flynn and Thue Field, while the City of Madison will maintain the field on a 12-month basis in regards to mowing.