DMV Now Kiosks can handle more transactions

Residents can now complete five different transactions by using a DMV Now Kiosk.  The state Department of Revenue earlier this year announced a new look for the kiosks and also doubled the number of locations for drivers to access them.  One of the kiosks is located at Sunshine Foods in Madison.

The five transactions that state residents can now use the kiosks for include: 

  1. Updating contact information,
  2. Renewing a driver license or ID card,
  3. Renewing a vehicle’s registration,
  4. Printing a seller’s permit, and
  5. Reporting the sale of a vehicle.


Kiosk usage has increased 180-percent in a five-year span.

State residents can complete a transaction at any kiosk across the state. The kiosk does not have to be in the same county someone lives in.  Residents need to bring their South Dakota driver’s license or ID card and have a form of payment ready, either credit or debit card.  

For information on how to use a DMV Now Kiosk, please visit: