District 8 Senator reacts to Governor signing housing infrastructure bill

A bill allowing 200-million dollars in housing infrastructure investment in the state was signed into law Wednesday by Governor Kristi Noem.  Senate Bill 41 is one of two bills from this year’s legislative session to be signed into law by the governor.  

Due to the bill’s emergency clause, this funding is available immediately, which allows it to be sent out prior to this year’s construction season.

Senator Casey Crabtree of Madison, a prime sponsor of the bill, said it has taken a long time to get to this point and he’s looking forward to what it will mean for communities across the state.

Governor Noem signed House Bill 1033 into law last year, but at the time, she identified technical issues with it that would prevent the 200-million dollar investment from being deployed.  She said Senate Bill-41 fixes these technical issues.


February 2, 2023