District 8 Senator Casey Crabtree reacts to Governor’s address; looks forward to 2023 session

District 8 Senator Casey Crabtree of Madison is serving as the Senate Majority Leader during this year’s legislative session.  Crabtree said that Governor Kristi Noem did a good job in her State of the State address, and said that South Dakota is in a good place right now, but there are some challenges the legislature needs to address.

Crabtree said that the sales tax on groceries won’t be the only proposed tax cuts discussed during this year’s session.

Crabtree said that there will also be tough issues this session like prison funding and support for rural healthcare and long-term care for seniors.  

He encourages constituents in District 8 to contact him with any questions or concerns during the session. 

District 8 legislators:

Sen. Casey Crabtree – (605) 291-2767 –  [email protected]

Rep. Tim Reisch –  605-579-0349 – [email protected]

Rep. John Mills –  605-826-4290  [email protected]


January 11, 2023