District 8 lawmakers are preparing to study and discuss several issues in the upcoming 2020 legislative session.  State Representatives Randy Gross and Marli Wiese and Senator Jordan Youngberg took part in a special legislative preview session last week in Madison, sponsored by the Greater Madison Area Chamber of Commerce’s Governmental Affairs Committee. 

One of the issues discussed by lawmakers Thursday night was legislation involving industrial hemp.  

Gross had served on an industrial hemp summer study group and told those in attendance that they have prepared a new bill for lawmakers to consider the adoption of industrial hemp regulations, after a bill passed by the legislature last session was vetoed by Governor Kristi Noem.  

Youngberg said he was one of the sponsors on industrial hemp legislation last session, and plans to support it this time around as well.  

Wiese said she has supported legislation in the past, and plans to continue this session also.  

Some other topics brought up during last week’s legislative preview event were items addressed in the governor’s budget address from earlier this month – like funding for education and support providers. 

The 2020 legislative session begins on January 14th in Pierre.