Distracted driving bill passes out of House Committee

The House Transportation Committee has passed a measure that would make the use of electronic devices while driving a primary offense. It makes an exception for making phone calls.
Such uses are already prohibited but only as a secondary offense, meaning you can’t be pulled over for texting and driving but it could be added to other violations.

The bill also specifically states it would be illegal to use social media while driving.

The measure’s sponsor is representative Doug Barthel of Sioux Falls. He
says the law needs more teeth.

Jeff Dahl of Castlewood lost his son in 2014 to a distracted driving crash and testified for the bill on Thursday.

No one testified against the bill and it made it through committee on a 10-1 vote and now moves to the House floor.

A similar bill last year was only one vote shy in the Senate of passing.

(Thanks, Brookings Radio)