Dense smoke affecting air quality and visibility

Smoke from wildfires located north of the Canadian border in Ontario and Manitoba will continue in eastern South Dakota for much of today.  The National Weather Service says the smoke may continue through tonight.

Dense smoke may reduce the visibility between 1 and 3 miles at times, and visibility may locally fall below 1 mile at times.  Rain moving through the area during the day may provide only a

temporary improvement in visibility.

Due to the poor air quality, sensitive groups, such as people with lung disease (including asthma), heart disease, and children and older adults, should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion. 

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources issued an air quality alert Thursday afternoon for areas of eastern South Dakota where smoke from wildfires in Canada has settled. The air pollution levels exceed the National Ambient Air Quality Standard. 

DANR maintains air quality data on its website for locations in eastern South Dakota.