Lake County commissioners on Tuesday met as a Board of Adjustment to conduct a public hearing pursuant to an order from the South Dakota Supreme Court regarding a variance application for Hodne Homes, LLC.  The hearing was held regarding a variance application from Brandon and Jamie Hodne of Hodne Homes, LLC that was approved by the commission in 2018, but was later appealed to the Third Judicial Circuit Court and then the South Dakota Supreme Court by adjoining property owner, Karen Dunham.    The Hodnes had previously requested a variance from the south side and rear yard setback for a storage facility to be built on their property near their business, SoDak Marina, in Lakeview Township.  The commission, acting as a Board of Adjustment, had approved the variance request at the time, and the only adjoining property owner to object at the time was Dunham.  

The South Dakota Supreme Court filed an opinion on the case in April, which determined that additional proceedings were needed before the Lake County Board of Adjustment to address specific factors for a variance under the Lake County zoning ordinance.  

Attorneys for the Hodnes and for Dunham testified during Tuesday’s public hearing, as well as a few neighbors who spoke in support of the Hodnes and their business.  

The board, with the guidance of their attorney for these proceedings, Jack Hieb of Aberdeen, made several motions at the end of the hearing supporting what the Supreme Court had asked them to consider.  The commission will later approve the findings necessary in connection with Tuesday’s hearing.