As we reach the middle of 2020, the Lake County Commission is beginning to look at its budget for 2021.  Commissioners held several appointments and heard budget requests from several agencies and one county department during their meeting on Tuesday.  Agencies that presented budget requests to Lake County Commissioners for 2021 included ICAP, Valiant Living, Madison Public Library, Prairie Village, and the Lake Area Improvement Corporation.  All of the agencies touched on how the COVID-19 pandemic had affected them this year, but also expressed understanding in knowing that the county has been affected by it all as well. 

County Zoning Officer Mandi Anderson presented the county’s only department budget request for next year during Tuesday’s meeting.  Anderson made the request for the county’s Zoning and Welfare offices.  

Also during their meeting Tuesday, commissioners considered a couple of requests to rent the 4-H Center for graduation receptions in July.  The commission decided to wait on its decision on those until it’s next meeting on July 7th in order to know more about where the county stands with COVID-19 cases at that time.  

Commissioners Tuesday approved a project presented by Buildings and Grounds Superintendent Dave Hare to replace the stairs in the basement stairwell on the north side of the county courthouse.  Hare recommended commissioners approve a bid from Amert Construction of Madison to do the project for 78-hundred dollars. Even though Hare did not have the project included in his department’s budget for this year, commissioners approved the project to be done because it is a safety issue.