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County decides against adding truck speed limits

The Lake County Commission has decided not to move forward with changes to the county’s spring load limits resolution that would’ve included adding speed reductions for trucks on certain county roads.  Highway Superintendent Nels Nelson has discussed the change in the resolution adding the truck speed limits on certain county roads during two previous commission meetings.  Nelson proposed that the speed limits be put in place on trucks during the time that spring load limits are in effect.  He provided commissioners Tuesday with more information that they had requested regarding the definition of trucks and also the effect reducing speed would have on roads.

Commissioner Dennis Slaughter said he understands the need to protect the roads, but doesn’t think the speed limits are the answer right now.

Slaughter said that he thinks looking at the speed limits is a good place to start, but not sure it is what should be done at this time.

Other commissioners agreed with Slaughter, saying that it would be hard to include the speed limits in the current resolution, not knowing whether or not it would actually help the county roads.  


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