Lake County Commissioners decided Tuesday to continue their discussion on administrative leave for employees during the upcoming holidays.  Earlier this year, they decided to follow the holiday leave time granted by the governor to state employees. Commission Administrative Officer Shelli Gust told commissioners that this year, the Governor is granting administrative leave for state employees for the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 29th, and also for Monday and Tuesday, December 23rd and 24th, the days before Christmas.  The county already has the day after Thanksgiving as a day off in its policy, but Auditor Bobbi Janke expressed concern of the cost to the county and the stress of taking all of the additional days in December at the end of the year.  

Janke said that the final commission meeting of the year would also have to be moved back because things would not be ready for when it is scheduled on December 26th.  Commissioner Deb Reinicke made the motion to postpone the discussion on whether or not to grant the additional administrative leave for county employees in December, and said she will visit with the different county departments and the commission can discuss it again at its next meeting on November 5th.