County commission canvasses votes from general election

Lake County Commissioners canvassed the votes from the 2022 General Election during a special meeting on Thursday.  

Auditor Paula Barrick told commissioners that the county has 7969 registered voters, and there were 5027 ballots cast in Tuesday’s election, resulting in a 63-percent voter turnout.  Barrick broke down for commissioners how those ballots were cast.

Barrick said that the processing and counting of the ballots overall took close to four hours total, and she said that there were no problems.

Along with the 2022 general election canvass Thursday, commissioners also canvassed the Smith’s Cove Addition Road District election.  The county will manage one more election yet this year and that’s the Oldham-Ramona-Rutland School Board election on November 29th.  


November 11, 2022