County Commission approves inmate housing contracts and other items during Tuesday meeting

The Lake County Commission has approved inmate housing contracts with three different counties for the next year.  Chief Deputy Sheriff Sarina Talich met with county  commissioners Tuesday to discuss the contracts for counties to house inmates in the Lake County Jail.  Talich had signed contracts with Moody, Kingsbury, and Miner Counties for 2023.  She said the daily rate for each inmate that Lake County houses from these counties will increase by $2.50 to a total of $82.50 per day, but that the rest of the contract is the same as previous years.  Talich said she also has sent contracts to McCook and Sanborn counties, but hadn’t received those back yet.  

Commissioners Tuesday also approved Lake County’s contract with Minnehaha County for inmates that the county may need to house in the jail there.  That contract increased by close to nine-dollars a day.  

Also on Tuesday, Talich met with county commissioners regarding the liquor tax reversion funds that the Sheriff’s Office will receive.  For 2022, Lake County received a total of more than 59-thousand dollars.  Talich told commissioners that the Sheriff’s Office would like to have the funds split between a Deputy’s position and the Public Safety Building fund.  Commissioners approved Talich’s request.  


A conditional use permit for a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation in the northeast area of Lake County was approved by Lake County Commissioners on Tuesday.  Acting as a Board of Adjustment, commissioners approved the request from Camridge Colony to expand its cattle operation in Summit Township.  A total of up to 45-hundred head of cattle can be included as part of the Class A CAFO permit.  

Also on Tuesday, commissioners set the date to sell some tax deed property at public auction.  County Treasurer Deb Walburg met with commissioners and explained that a tax deed was taken on the property in Chester in June and it is now eligible to be sold.  Commissioners agreed to move forward with selling the property at public auction on February 7th of next year.  


December 21, 2022