The Lake County Commission took action on several personnel items during its meeting on Tuesday.

Commissioners Tuesday approved the hiring of Alyssa Lux for a full-time Deputy Auditor’s position in the county’s Auditor’s Office.  Lux’s hiring is effective July 27th at a rate of $16.25 an hour, and is contingent upon a satisfactory background check.

Commissioners also approved the hiring of a Correctional Officer for the Lake County Jail.  Braxton Hofman has been hired to serve as a full-time Correctional Officer at a rate of $16.25 an hour.  Hofman’s hiring is effective also July 27th.

The commission approved one resignation during its Tuesday meeting – Walker Ruhd, who worked as a Heavy Equipment Operator for the county’s Highway Department.  Ruhd’s resignation was effective yesterday.  Commissioners though agreed to hire Ruhd part-time to assist with weed spraying during that time of the year.  Ruhd’s hiring for the part-time seasonal position is effective today at a rate of $18.25 an hour, and he will assist with weed spraying on an as-needed basis.  

Also during Tuesday’s meeting, commissioners heard from County Coroner Mark Rustand.  Rustand asked commissioners to approve Sheriff’s Deputy Micah Hofman as one of the county’s Deputy Coroners.  He said that one of his Deputy Coroners resigned and Hofman will take his place.  Commissioners approved Hofman’s appointment to the position.