The Lakes Bar and Grill on Lake Madison will soon have new owners.  

Mike Anderson appeared before the Lake County Commission on Tuesday to request an alcoholic beverage license transfer from the current owners to him and his family, or the Anderson Group, Incorporated.  Anderson and his wife, Jody, owned and operated the Hillside Resort on Lake Madison for 24 years.  Mike Anderson told commissioners that the group includes them, their sons, and his sister, Pam Anderson.  

Anderson said that they will take over ownership of the Lakes Bar and Grill on January 1st.  He said that they plan to be open Thursdays through Sundays in January and February and hopefully be able to move to being open seven days a week by the summer.

County commissioners Tuesday approved the transfer of the retail (on-off sale) malt beverage and South Dakota farm wine, and retail (on-sale) liquor license to the Anderson Group.