Concerns for County Budget Mentioned During Town Hall Meeting

During the Lake County Commission Town Hall meeting on Tuesday there were comments and concerns when it came to discussing the county’s growing budget shortfalls. Gregory Vavra, Program Manager for the SD Local Transportation Assistance Program commented that the prices of road and bridge construction have gone up over the years

He noted that the federal dollars coming in may be leading into unsustainable inflation

Vavra noted that one of the problems leading to the counties budgeting short falls may be due to Lake county being over paved which may be using too much of the county’s time and resources on roads that may not need it.

The county is still undecided as to the plan of action it will take and will hold another Town Hall Meeting on June 7th at 6:30pm at the Hillside Resort to give commissioners a chance to talk with residents and receive feedback. 

County commissioners may decide this year to support a road and bridge levy and or a tax opt-out; they must do so by July 15. Either a levy or an opt out could be referred by voters.