Madison City and Lake County commissioners and other local government officials received information this week about the hazard mitigation grant program funding that is now available.  State Hazard Mitigation Officer Jim Poppen visited with commissioners during each of their meetings this week in order for them to acknowledge notice of the program and find out more information on what may be available through it. 

As a result of the presidential disaster declarations issued for the state, Poppen said that approximately nine-point-three-million dollars in funding has been made available by FEMA and is available for local governments and certain non-profit organizations.  Poppen said the money can be applied for to help fund hazard mitigation projects that will reduce the loss of life and property by lessening the impacts of future disasters.  He said the grants awarded will require a 25-percent local match.  Poppen explained to county commissioners some project options that may be available for them.

Poppen said there are a number of types of projects that have been done throughout the state utilizing some of the hazard mitigation grant program funds.

Poppen said that any property owners in the county interested in applying for the hazard mitigation program will need to be sponsored by the county.  He also told Madison City Commissioners the same thing applies to property owners in the city, as they would need to be sponsored by the city to apply. 

City residents interested in more information about applying for the state’s hazard mitigation grant program should contact the City’s Finance Office.  County residents should contact either Emergency Manager Kody Keefer or Commission Administrative Officer Shelli Gust, who will then help get them in contact with First Planning District, who will help with the grant application process.