City waiving zoning application fees for storm damaged structures

The Madison City Commission discussed a couple of issues related to storm damage during its meeting on Tuesday.  Commissioners discussed the temporary waiving of certain zoning application fees related to storm damages, and how to handle sidewalks that have been damaged by the storm.  

City Administrator Jameson Berreth said that the city’s engineers have been receiving questions regarding fees for variances or conditional use permits needed for projects related to storm damaged structures.  

Ryan Hegg, Director of Engineering and Community Development, said that some property owners will need variances or conditional use permits in order to re-build or replace damaged structures.

Hegg said that his office recommended that the city waive the fees for these storm-related zoning applications.  The resolution approved by commissioners Tuesday will temporarily waive certain building and zoning related application fees related to storm damages.  These fees will be waived until August 18th, unless the city’s Building Official determines that the deadline for certain projects needs to be extended.  

Also on Tuesday, commissioners discussed what to do about sidewalks that were damaged in the May 12th storm.  Hegg said that his office has received questions about who is responsible for fixing the damaged sidewalks, many of which were damaged by trees in the boulevard that were either uprooted or that fell onto them.  Hegg said that normally the property owner is responsible for sidewalks, no matter how the damage happened.  

Commissioner Jeremiah Corbin said that having trees in the boulevard is a risk a property owner takes.

Commissioner Adam Shaw said that it should be the property owner’s responsibility to fix the sidewalk on their property, and City Administrator Berreth agreed.

Berreth said that the city’s Engineering staff will find the sidewalks that pose the greatest risk and work with the property owners to get the necessary panels replaced.  




June 23, 2022