The Madison City Commission on Monday agreed to waive the building permit fee for the Domestic Violence Network’s new homes.  Deb Reinicke, a board member for the non-profit Domestic Violence Network, met with commissioners to ask that the fee be waived for the two homes that are being moved onto a lot on Southwest 2nd Street in Madison.  The two houses are state Governor’s houses, and the contractor doing the work on the project is Amert Construction. Don Amert appeared with Reinicke at Monday’s commission meeting. Amert told commissioners that because the buildings are being moved in, there are some things that the city will not have to do with the project.  

City Engineer Chad Comes said that the commission could approve the fee waiver based on the fact that they are pre-built structures and it is for a non-profit entity.  Commissioners approved that, along with a couple of other requests from Amert. They agreed that the Domestic Violence Network will not need to install sidewalk on the portion of the lot that they are not developing yet, and that they will be able to do some sewer work in the city street.  Amert said this exception is needed because it is after November 1st.

Reinicke told commissioners that they are hoping that the homes will be delivered to Madison by the first part of December.