City to use fog sealing option for streets

The City of Madison is exploring the option of fog sealing some of the city’s streets this year instead of the usual chip sealing.  Ryan Hegg, the city’s Director of Engineering and Community Development, discussed the 2023 Multi-Community Asphalt Surface Treatment Project with Madison City Commissioners on Monday.  He said it was something that he started learning more about last fall, and then some city officials met with Brosz Engineering representatives to discuss it further.  Hegg said it would be a better process for the streets.

Hegg said that fog sealing wouldn’t fix the big issues with the streets, but would help prevent them from happening sooner.  He said that currently with regular chip sealing, the city is doing streets around every seven years, but he said that they may have to be done more often.  

City Administrator Jameson Berreth told commissioners what the estimated costs of chip sealing versus fog sealing could be.

Commissioners voted to approve an agreement with Brosz Engineering of Sioux Falls to provide the professional services for the City as part of the 2023 Multi-Community Asphalt Surface Treatment project.  


February 7, 2023