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City to start search to fill City Engineer position

The Madison City Commission has decided to look for someone to fill the City Engineer’s position.  Commissioners discussed the organizational structure of the city’s engineering department during their meeting earlier this week.  Mayor Marshall Dennert told commissioners he was looking for guidance in how to proceed with the position formerly held by Chad Comes, who resigned in April.  Dennert said he has had comments from residents about why the city subs out jobs when it has an engineer on staff.  

City Administrator Jameson Berreth told the commission that the city’s engineering department does more than people think.  He said that there are two good engineers working in the department currently, but that he would recommend re-hiring for the top City Engineer position.

Berreth said that he researched what other cities have in place also to help come up with his recommendation.

Berreth said there are pros and cons to the different positions, but feels that the city needs to hire a professional engineer for the position at this time.

Commissioners unanimously approved a motion to go ahead with replacing the City Engineer position. 

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