The City of Madison will continue its sidewalk improvement project for next year.  Madison City Commissioners Monday discussed the possibility of delaying the project for 2020.  Mayor Marshall Dennert said he asked for the issue to be discussed by commissioners after they had previously decided to delay the city’s sidewalk repair project for next year. 

Commissioner Bob Thill said that with all that people had lost in the recent flooding, he said that he didn’t think it was a good time to have them also possibly worry about putting in sidewalk on their property.

Commissioner Jeremiah Corbin is on the city’s Sidewalk Committee and disagreed with the idea of delaying the project for one year.

City Engineer Chad Comes said the city’s sidewalk improvement project began in 2004 and each year the city sets a budgeted amount to install ADA corners in the new sidewalk areas, and the Sidewalk Committee then considers a number of factors in determining what area to do each year and what will fit within the city’s budgeted amount.  

Commissioner Mike Waldner said he feels there are options available in order to keep the project going.

No official action was taken on the project since it was on the commission’s agenda as a discussion item.  Comes said that he will continue with coordinating a meeting of the Sidewalk Committee to move forward with the project for next year, with the committee’s recommendations to come before the commission for approval and further discussion at that time.