City to Consider 2nd Reading of ATV Ordinance

The Madison City Commission will hold a 2nd Reading today of an ordinance regulating the use of ATV’s and dirt bikes in the city. The 1st reading was held on June 20th. The ordinance would specify that ATVs or dirt bikes must remain at least 50 feet from any adjoining or adjacent property line, and must remain at least 100 feet from an off-site residential dwelling. It also would prohibit the recreational use of an ATV or dirt bike between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 8:00a.m. There would also be limitations set regarding speed, dust, and the use of ATVs or dirt bikes in environmentally sensitive areas, such as streams, creeks, waterways, drainage ways, wetlands and erosion-sensitive areas.

The ordinance comes after several complaints of noise from ATV’s and dirt bikes in the city. Madison Police Chief Justin Meyer said there are currently no ordinances for the ATVs in city limits, and they were unable to get a compromise between the parties involved in the complaints. 

Commissioners said during the 1st reading that they were looking for more public comment regarding the ordinance. 

Also today, the commission is expected to approve a resolution to Annex Lot 1 and 2 of Schultz’s Second Addition, and approve a resolution declaring Madison as a Purple Heart City. 

Tonight’s meeting begins at 5:30 in the commission room at Madison City Hall.