City signs agreements for new automated license plate reading cameras for police department

The Madison City Commission has approved a couple of agreements with Flock Group for new automated license plate reading cameras to be installed in the city.  The Madison Police Department announced earlier this month that they would be partnering with Flock Safety to install the cameras, which will allow the department to monitor vehicles passing through intersections.

City Administrator Jameson Berreth told Madison City Commissioners during their meeting Monday how many cameras the city will install and what the cost will be.

Berreth said that all of the data from the cameras will be deleted after thirty days.  Police Chief Justin Meyer said that there will be fixed cameras, as well as a couple of flex cameras that can be moved around if need be.  He said there will also be an installation fee.  Meyer explained to commissioners when the information from the cameras would be used.

Meyer said these cameras will be a helpful tool for the police department.

Meyer said that he has received a lot of feedback regarding the cameras, and for the most part, it has been positive and people think they will be good for the community. 



May 19, 2022