City of Madison Agenda

The City of Madison will consider taking action toward the Egan Avenue Reconstruction Project, during their regular meeting tonight. The City plans to reconstruct Egan Avenue from North 2nd Street to North 9th Street. The project will include reducing the amount of pavement, providing additional green space, creating a gateway to Dakota State University, and maintaining on-street parking.


KLJ Engineering, the company hired to design the project, is seeking direction on a couple of different factors of the project. One of those items is the idea of adding a bike path on Egan.  A shared use path would be a designated area shared between pedestrians and bikes, scooters, skateboards, and other non-motorized traffic. The shared use path would be an 8 ft wide sidewalk on the east side of Egan instead of the standard 4 ft 8 in sidewalk. A bike path, on the other hand, would be a designated lane in the roadway for bike traffic. The City could include one, the other, or neither in the designs. KLJ says a bike path would offer  increased safety for non-motorized traffic and an increased corridor and connectivity between DSU campus and downtown.


The firm is also asking for the city’s opinion on the use of curb bump-outs, and the width of the road and median. 


Also tonight, the city will consider the purchase of a 13.5 acre parcel from the Marilyn Belatti (Bell-ah-tee) Trust. 


Tonight’s City Commission meeting begins at 5:30 in the Commission room at Madison City Hall.