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City has reminders for residents as storm clean-up continues

As the clean-up from the May 12th storm continues in the City of Madison, the city’s Public Works Department has a few reminders for residents.  Those with tree or storm debris left to be picked up by city crews are asked to separate it into tree debris and construction debris.  Crews are picking up tree debris first and then will return to pick up construction debris.  All items for pick-up must be placed on the city boulevard.  Crews will not pick up items not related to the storm.  Debris also should not be put in the city’s blue garbage carts.  

The city is encouraging anyone with small piles of branches or sticks to take them to the Yard Waste site themselves if possible.  The Yard Waste site is located on 456th Avenue, just north of the city’s wastewater treatment plant.  Construction debris can be taken to the Restricted Use site, located two miles west and a half mile north of Junius.  The site is open from nine until noon, and from one until four weekdays this week, and fees for storm debris are being waived at this time.  

More information can be found here.



May 24, 2022


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