City Electric Department continues work on storm damage

The City of Madison’s Electric Department continues to work on damage caused by last week’s severe storm.  The department is working on the electrical system and asks people to avoid the areas where they and their equipment are located.  

There are a few ways to notify the Electric Department of any damage that is found in the city.  This includes things classified as electrical infrastructure like transformers, poles, or detached meter sockets or meter damage.  Also, anyone that notices a streetlight not working, damaged, shifted or missing, can report it on the Electric Department’s website as well.  

Residents can call the Electric Department at 256-7521, Option Three or use one of the forms posted on the department’s website.  

To Report Electrical infrastructure Damage:…/Report-Storm-Damages…

To Report Street Light Issues/Damages:…/Report-Street-Light…




May 20, 2022