City discusses progress of two street projects

The City of Madison is not assessing liquidated damages at this time on two street projects that are not fully completed.

City commissioners Monday heard from City Engineer Weston Blasius with Banner Engineering about the reconstruction project on Northwest 9th Street and the Water System Improvement project known as Phase 2-A, which includes streets in the northeast area of the city.  State Revolving Fund money is  being used to help fund the 9th Street project, while the Phase 2-A project is part of the city’s Rural Development projects. 

The contractor for the Northwest 9th Street project is Winter Contracting of Brookings.  Blasius said Monday that they did not meet the milestone completion date for Phase One of this project, which was October 28th.  He said that the contractor completed underground utility work on the project on November 3rd, but was not able to complete the roadway reconstruction.  Blasius outlined to commissioners his recommendation on how to proceed with the contractor on this project.

Blasius also recommended a winter shutdown agreement with the contractor, and said that liquidated damages could be considered if work isn’t completed by the new milestone date in June.  He said the liquidated damages in this project are set by the state DANR.

As far as the Phase 2-A Rural Development project, Blasius told city commissioners that the contractor, Halme Incorporated of Lake Norden, substantially completed the project in December, which is two months later than what was in its contract.  He outlined his recommendation for this project as well.

Blasius said there are some punch list items left to be done on the Phase 2-A project.

Jeff Halme with Halme Incorporated was also at the commission meeting Monday to explain some of the reasons for the delay on the project.  He said he didn’t see any reason why they wouldn’t be able to meet the final completion date for the project next year.  

In discussing both projects, commissioners approved the options recommended by the City Engineer. 


December 20, 2022