The Madison City Commission held discussion during its meeting Monday on whether or not to open the Madison Aquatics Center this summer because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  

Public Works Commissioner Kelly Johnson said he did an informal poll of the members of the city’s Park and Recreation Board and found that the majority of them are not in favor of opening the outdoor pool this year.  Johnson had Madison Community Center Assistant Director Laurie Bunker, who previously served as the Aquatics Coordinator, talk to commissioners about what other communities are doing. Bunker said that currently most that she’s talked with are planning to make their decisions in early May.  She said the fact that the city has not hired anyone for the position to manage the Aquatics Center and other factors could pose challenges with decisions surrounding the outdoor pool this year.

Bunker said that it takes approximately four weeks to prepare the pool and the building for operation.  She said a decision in May to keep the pool open could mean an opening date of early June, but she said starting any later than that probably wouldn’t be feasible.

Commissioner Johnson said that he will try to get a meeting together this week of the city’s Park and Recreation Board to discuss the opening of the Madison Aquatics Center this summer and bring the Board’s recommendation to the commission within the next couple of weeks.