Madison City Commissioners voted to delay advertising for bids for the renovation of the city’s water building.  During their meeting Tuesday, commissioners voted to table the issue until January in order to see where things are at with the city’s 2020 budget. 

According to the bid information, the renovation of the water building project includes concrete demolition and pouring, insulation installation, and liner panel install and door replacement, both walk-in and garage type.  City Utilities Director Brad Lawrence estimated that there would be around 100-thousand dollars available between the 2019 and 2020 budgets for the renovation project.  

City Finance Officer Jennifer Eimers questioned Lawrence’s budget numbers for the project for the next year.

Commissioner Bob Thill asked to wait until next year to advertise for bids for the renovation project. 


Commissioner Kelly Johnson seconded Thill’s motion to table it as well.

Commissioners voted 4-to-1 to table the advertisement for bids for the water building renovation project until January 20th.  Commissioner Jeremiah Corbin voted against the motion.