The Madison City Commission is considering an ordinance that proposes amending the city’s zoning ordinance to create and define uses within one of the city’s zoning districts.  City Engineer Chad Comes told commissioners during their meeting Tuesday that the changes came about after the city put in place a limited moratorium on the issuing of building permits for particular dwellings in the city’s Historic District.  

Comes said the ordinance defines dwellings, including congregate living dwellings, and what are principal permitted uses and what will require a conditional use permit.  

The commission approved first reading of the amended zoning ordinance and will hold second reading and a hearing on the ordinance during its meeting on November 25th. 

Another ordinance discussed Tuesday by Madison City Commissioners is one that will set seasonal limitations on excavation permits.  The ordinance states that “except for emergency excavations, permits will not be issued October 1st through April 1st” and that “no excavation shall be accomplished after October 15th”.  Comes said that there are emergencies like water main breaks that would be an exception to the ordinance. Commissioner Jeremiah Corbin expressed concern that the ordinance cuts off excavation permits for half of a year, and said he wants to look into it further.  Second reading and a hearing on the ordinance will be held by the commission also during its meeting on November 25th.