City considering options for next Restricted Use Site

The City of Madison will be exploring options for its next Restricted Use Site.

City Administrator Jameson Berreth told Madison City Commissioners Tuesday that the current cell for the site is filling up, so a new cell will need to be constructed soon.  The city’s Restricted Use Site is located on 446th Avenue, two miles west and a half mile north of Junius, and receives construction debris and old furniture. Berreth said that construction debris from the May derecho has been filling the site, reducing the life of the current cell, so the city will need to look at options for a new one.

Mayor Roy Lindsay said that he would like the city to look into owning its own site instead of leasing.

Berreth said that the city will most likely be looking at a new cell and capping the old one yet this year.  

Lindsay said that there are several requirements set by the state Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources as to where a site like this can be located.  He said there are options available if the city wants to acquire new land that could end up costing less than leasing in the long run.

Commissioners voted to have city officials explore the options and costs of continuing to lease at the current Restricted Use Site, as well as purchasing land for a new site. 


January 19, 2023