The Madison City Commission took the first steps in preparing to apply for funding for the city’s proposed wastewater and storm sewer improvement projects.  During their meeting Monday, commissioners acknowledged notices of intent and set public hearing dates for the submission of applications for funding for proposed construction improvements  to the city’s wastewater and storm sewer systems. The notice for the wastewater system project states that the city expects to submit applications seeking up to four-point-five-million dollars for that project, while the notice for the storm sewer project states that the city expects to submit applications seeking up to four-point-two-million dollars.  

Commissioners intend to seek funds from the state Board of Water and Natural Resources in the form of either grants from the State Consolidated Water Facilities Construction Program or loans from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund program.  The city will also request funding from the USDA Rural Development Office, in the form of grants or loans.  

Public hearings on these two notices of intent by the city to discuss the proposed projects, financing, and sources of repayment will be held during the commission’s meeting on December 16th.  

Also on Monday, commissioners approved resolutions authorizing Mayor Marshall Dennert or his designated representative, Utilities Commissioner Jeremiah Corbin, to execute and submit a USDA Rural Development application requesting the funds for the proposed projects.  City Finance Officer Jennifer Eimers said these resolutions allow city staff to start working on the application process.