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City commission receives update on Madison Aquatic Center repairs

Madison’s Utilities Director provided another update on the repair project at the Madison Aquatic Center to city commissioners during their meeting Tuesday.  

Brad Lawrence said he hopes to get the engineer’s plans by the end of this week for the electrical repair work that needs to be completed at the facility.  Lawrence said he also hopes to get a copy of the materials list in order to keep the process moving forward.

Lawrence said getting the materials ordered could gain them a week while waiting to get quotes on the labor to do the work.  

He said that the project is going to cost the city more than what insurance will cover.

Lawrence told commissioners that there is more that they are planning to do next spring in order to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again, but for right now they are focused on the main elements to try to get the Aquatic Center up and running sometime this summer.

When asked about staffing for the pool if it is able to open up this summer, Lawrence said that will be handled by someone else and will be worked out if or when they know if the pool will be able to open up.  


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