City commission hears update on storm clean-up progress

Madison City Commissioners heard an update on the storm clean-up efforts taking part in the city during their meeting Monday.  

City Administrator Jameson Berreth thanked the city employees who worked hard to keep the recovery running smoothly.  He said that there are still weeks of work ahead, but that so far things have been going well.  Berreth gave an update from the city’s electrical department, stating that all residential power was restored, and that there are a few areas where crews will be working on repairs this week.

He said that if residents have a street light out or meter that is damaged, that they should report it, but know that it may take some time for workers to get to it right now.  

Berreth also updated commissioners on where the clean-up efforts were taking place.

Berreth also encouraged people not to park in front of or near debris piles so it’s easier for crews to get to them.  He said that anyone who needs to report any tree branches that are a safety issue to contact the city’s Public Works Office at 256-7513 (Option 5).

Berreth said the Restricted Use Site is available for all construction debris and tree debris, but they must be separated out.  The Restricted Use Site is located two miles west and a half-mile north of Junius.  This site is open from 9:00 until noon and from 1:00 until 4:00 in the afternoon each day this week, with no fees charged for storm debris at this time. 

Tree debris can also be taken to the Yardwaste site on 456th Avenue, just north of the city’s wastewater treatment plant.  

While conducting their clean-up work, Berreth said that damage may be done to lawns in the boulevard due to the heavy equipment needed.

City Streets Director Gary Gonyo asked residents to be patient.

City Parks Supervisor Mike McGillivray said that the Baughman-Belatti sports complex was opened for use on Monday, but that the Thue softball diamonds are not open yet.  He said there was significant damage there and he doesn’t want anyone getting hurt.

Commissioner Adam Shaw thanked city workers for all they’ve done and said that Madison is a very caring community.

Mayor Roy Lindsay encouraged residents to continue to report any damage to their homes to 211 so that they can compile the information. 



May 17, 2022