A couple of Madison city residents addressed Madison City Commissioners during their meeting on Monday regarding a proposed amendment to the city’s zoning ordinance regarding duplex residences.  City commissioners last week approved first reading of the ordinance that creates and defines uses and dwellings within the city’s R-60 zoning district. City Engineer Chad Comes said during last week’s meeting that the zoning changes came about after the city put into place a limited moratorium on the issuing of building permits for particular dwellings in the city’s Historic District.  The moratorium was put in place in response to residents’ concerns regarding duplex residences being built on North Egan Avenue near the Dakota State University campus in the city’s Historic District.

Bob Sahr, who lives just south of the planned duplex construction, said during the commission’s public comment portion of its meeting this week that he and other concerned neighbors would like the commission to look at the definition of family and the number of congregate dwellings allowed within the ordinance. 

Tim Tucker, who also lives in Madison’s Historic District, told commissioners that the ordinance’s definition of congregate living dwellings and the amount allowed constitutes high density, and he doesn’t believe those belong in this zoning district area.

Sahr and Tucker also addressed the parking concerns with these buildings within the definitions of the proposed ordinance.  Sahr also asked commissioners in the future to look at re-zoning the two blocks where his home is and where these new buildings are being built as a long-term solution to the development issues. 

City commissioners will hold a hearing on and second reading of the amended zoning ordinance during their meeting next Monday.  

A link to the video recordings of Madison City Commission meetings can be found here.