A couple of Madison city facilities will remain closed for a little while longer because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Madison City Commissioners on Tuesday discussed the use of the City’s Armory building by the public.  Commissioners had earlier decided that the Armory would be closed until after the election on June 2nd.  Mayor Marshall Dennert said he would like to see it remain closed for another month.

City Parks Supervisor Mike McGillivray said he’s been getting requests to use the Armory for different events and activities coming up.  Commissioner Kelly Johnson agreed with keeping the Armory closed until July 1st, with the exception of the election on June 2nd, but wanted people to know that if there is a drastic change or increase in positive coronavirus cases that plans could change.  The Armory will be able to be used by city personnel who need the facility, such as the Madison Police Department to conduct internal department training for three days in June.  

Johnson also said that the city’s Recycling Center will continue operating as it has been for now, with continued regularly scheduled pickup of recyclables and bins available outside the recycling facility.  

City Finance Officer Jennifer Eimers told commissioners that there has been discussion held of opening City Hall again to the public starting on June 1st. 

As far as the city’s picnic shelters and the rental of those, commissioners will await a recommendation from the city’s Parks and Recreation Board, which meets on June 9th.