Madison City Commissioners did not approve second reading of a proposed amendment to the city’s zoning ordinance regarding duplex residences.  During their meeting on Monday, commissioners held a lengthy discussion on the ordinance that creates and defines uses and dwellings within the city’s R-60 zoning district.  The zoning changes had come about after the city put into place a limited moratorium on the issuing of building permits for particular dwellings in the city’s Historic District.  The moratorium was put in place in response to residents’ concerns regarding duplex residences being built on North Egan Avenue in the city’s Historic District. 

City Engineer Chad Comes explained to commissioners during Monday’s meeting how the city’s planning commission came up with changes in the ordinance, including the addition of congregate living dwellings as they fit under principal permitted uses and conditional uses within the ordinance.  

Neighbors to the development planned on two lots on North Egan Avenue in Madison have expressed concern to city commissioners regarding the city’s definition of family and the number of congregate dwellings allowed within the ordinance.  They are concerned with the high density and parking issues this brings to theirs and other similar neighborhoods.  

Another person who has developed other properties in Madison, Dean Gulbranson, questioned commissioners Monday on what an ordinance change like this would mean for existing homes in Madison that have been developed into rental housing for college students.  He suggested that the city look into putting congregate living facilities within a planned development district because of the increase in development that will be happening in Madison in the future. 

Commissioner Mike Waldner said Monday that he thought that the ordinance needed more work and consideration.

Commissioners spent around an hour discussing the ordinance Monday before voting not to approve the second reading of it and send the ordinance back to the city’s planning commission to determine better balance in it.