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City Commission approves resolution granting limited authority for authorizing project change orders

The Madison City Commission has approved a resolution that will grant limited authority for authorizing changes on the city’s public infrastructure improvement projects.  City Engineer Chad Comes said during Monday’s commission meeting that the resolution will allow for the Mayor or the City Engineer to sign and approve changes, most commonly described as change orders, in contract time and/or price as long as the change in price doesn’t exceed 15-thousand dollars.  He said that any change orders approved in this manner would then be brought before commissioners for their acknowledgement during the next scheduled meeting.  City Attorney David Jencks said handling some of the change orders this way will help keep projects moving along and the commission will be kept aware of all of the changes.

Also during their meeting Monday, the commission approved allowing New Cingular Wireless (or AT&T) to replace their existing antennas located on the city’s water tower on Northwest 4th Street.  Utilities Director Brad Lawrence said that AT&T is replacing the antennas that they have currently in place on the tower in order to enhance their service in the area.  Commissioners Monday authorized the mayor to sign a consent and notice letter from the company in order for them to do the work.

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