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City commission approves permit for business’ temporary platform for outdoor seating

The Madison City Commission has approved another permit for a downtown business to build a temporary platform for outdoor seating.  On Monday, commissioners approved a permit to occupy the right-of-way for Los Tapatios Mexican Restaurant located in the 200-block of South Egan Avenue.  The temporary platform will be eight-feet by twenty-feet and will have four-foot high railings.  The platform is planned to provide outdoor seating for the restaurant consisting of three tables, and would be in place through November.  

Commissioners said there was some concern from the police department about the platform’s proximity to the driveway to the parking lot on the south side of Los Tapatios.  They asked that the restaurant owners consider moving the platform a little bit further north of where they had planned in order to get further away from the driveway.  Commissioners also asked that they talk with the owners of the Prime Time restaurant to the north and get their permission if the platform were to encroach on the parking in front of their restaurant.  

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