City commission approves firm to develop Capital Improvement Plan

The Madison City Commission has approved a proposal from a Sioux Falls firm to help in developing a Capital Improvement Plan for the city.  During their meeting this week, commissioners approved a proposal from ISG, Incorporated at a fee of up to 48-thousand-500 dollars.  ISG will work with the city to confirm the current goals for ongoing maintenance, replacements, and improvement efforts. 

City Administrator Jameson Berreth presented the proposal to commissioners as part of his discussion with them regarding how they want to move forward with both strategic and capital improvement planning.  

Berreth said that ISG’s work on putting together a comprehensive CIP will take approximately three months to complete.

Commissioner Adam Shaw said he’s in favor of this type of planning.

Commissioner Kelly Dybdahl agreed also that Capital Improvement Planning will help in outlining projects and the direction the city wants to go.

Commissioner Jeremiah Corbin questioned whether an outside firm should be brought in just yet.

Steve Watson, Development Strategist with ISG, told commissioners that the Capital Improvement Plan they put together will look at all of the existing studies or plans that different city departments have in place currently as part of it’s process.  

Along with the CIP, Berreth said he will also move forward with some strategic planning for the commission, including setting up a retreat for commissioners sometime in the near future.