City commission approves company to update city’s website

The City of Madison’s website will soon undergo some changes.  Madison City Commissioners on Monday approved a proposal for a company to clean up and create a more user-friendly site.  City Finance Officer Sonya Wilt said that the company they wanted to go with is Civic Plus, which recently purchased Municode – the company that is currently handling the recodification of the city’s ordinances.  Wilt said the current site has had a number of different issues recently.

Wilt explained to commissioners what Civic Plus will do to make the city’s website better.

Wilt said that Civic Plus is giving the city a 12-to-16-month timeframe to get the website done.  She said the proposed cost is just more than 29-thousand-600 dollars to get it done, with a just more than seven-thousand dollar annual recurring service fee.  Wilt said that the city will pay 30-percent of the total cost up front and will budget the remaining portion for next year’s budget.