City commission approves change order for painting of logos on new water tower
City of Madison

The Madison City Commission has approved a change order in order for work to proceed with the painting of the new water tower located in the Lakeview Industrial Park.  During a special meeting Tuesday, City Administrator Jameson Berreth told commissioners that plans had evolved from originally putting block letters on the tower to adding the Madison, Dakota State University, and Madison Central School District Bulldog logos.  In order to do that, Berreth said the change order for Caldwell Tanks Incorporated was needed.

Berreth said that the total cost for putting the different logos on the water tower is just more than 26-thousand dollars.  He said that the estimated cost for putting the DSU logo on the tower is four-thousand dollars and that DSU is willing to contribute that amount for the project.  He said the school district’s bulldog’s estimated cost is eight-thousand dollars, but he said the district is not able to contribute financially to the project at this time.  Berreth said he then reached out to the Lake Area Improvement Corporation and the Madison Chamber, and each of them agreed to contribute four-thousand dollars as well, covering the cost of the Bulldog logo.  The remaining just more than fourteen thousand dollars for the project will be covered by the city’s general fund. 

Berreth said that Caldwell Tanks wanted to move forward with the project as soon as possible, and that’s why a special meeting of the commission needed to be held.  



May 11, 2022