Madison City Commissioners have approved a change to the city’s zoning regulations for multi-residential dwellings within the city’s Historic District.  During their meeting Monday, commissioners held a public hearing on the zoning ordinance change, which according to City Engineer Chad Comes, defines congregate living dwellings within the R-60 zoning district.  Comes provided commissioners with some background on the zoning ordinance change.

Comes said that the city’s Planning Commission came up with changes to the ordinance addressing some of the concerns with the initial ordinance, and that is what the commission approved on Monday.

Comes said the ordinance addresses congregate living dwellings in the R-60 District, which includes the Madison Historic District. 

Comes said that the ordinance approved by commissioners Monday doesn’t change anything in the R-60 zoning district outside of the city’s Historic District. 

During the hearing on the zoning ordinance changes, Madison resident Tim Tucker, who lives within the city’s Historic District, spoke in support of the changes.

City commissioners unanimously approved the amended zoning ordinance.