The Madison City Commission this week approved a local business to place a temporary platform in the city’s right-of-way in front of the business.  Sundog Coffee requested the permit to occupy the city’s right-of-way for a bumpout wooden platform that is eight feet by twenty feet and is located to the south of the crosswalk at Egan Avenue and Center Street in downtown Madison.  Sundog Coffee had received a temporary permit for the platform last year also, but needed to apply again for it this year since it is temporary. 

The platform provides for outdoor seating for up to twelve people, and will be in place through October.  Mayor Marshall Dennert said Sundog will need to follow the city’s resolution of only allowing ten people outside the business.

Last week, Madison City Commissioners approved an outside alcohol sales permit for another downtown Madison business.  The owner of The Office Bar & Grill on South Egan Avenue requested the permit in order to allow tables on the sidewalk by it’s building, and for patrons seated at the tables to have alcohol.  The permit states that alcohol cannot be served later than 9:00 p.m. and at all times there must be at least six feet of open and unobstructed sidewalk for pedestrian traffic.