The Madison City Commission has approved a malt beverage license for the Dakota Cinema movie theater.  

During their meeting Monday, commissioners held a public hearing on the theater’s application for a retail (on-off sale) malt beverage and South Dakota farm wine license.  

Owner Kelli Brown told commissioners that their plan is to check people’s ID’s and give them a glow in the dark band, which will allow for easier monitoring of those with alcoholic beverages within the theater.  She said that people will be limited to only two beverages, and that the alcohol will only be sold at the theater on certain days.  

Brown said that they did some research through theaters in other communities in putting their plan together for Dakota Cinema.

Commissioner Mike Waldner said that he thought the theater had a good plan for handling the alcohol.  Brown said that they are looking for ways to try to keep people in Madison instead of going out of town for entertainment.

Also during their meeting Monday, Madison City Commissioners approved a temporary alcohol license for the Madison Fire Department for its annual Fireman’s Dance.  Fire Chief Randy Minnaert said the dance will be held on April 4th at the downtown Madison Armory.